Includes The Medicine Wheel, Shamanic Healing And The Rites or Attunements of the Shaman

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This course is a beautiful journey of self discovery and of learning how to be in harmony with the Earth, Nature and the Great, intelligent creative energy of the universe.

In the world today we can trace the  Shaman through  the great ancient cultures of the world.

However the Laika, the medicine men and women, Shaman of Siberia are thought to have travelled across the Baring Straights some 30,000 ago during the glacial period  to the Americas and possibly other places.
10.00am to 4.30pm.
A personal journey through the four directions, North,South, East & West, representing four aspects or levels of our being.  A journey of personal and spiritual development. We also learn about the fire ceremony, the Sand circle, Journeying, The use of the drum. The time line and more.
Bring no harm to yourself or others
Be true to your word and let your word be true
Do not steal, not even a glance. Walk your talk
Use wisely the life force within you.
Give more than you take, for nothing in this world
really belongs to you
We learn the  Shamanic way of healing. Extractions – the release of blocks long hidden, Soul Retrieval – the taking back of  energy lost on our journey through life. Ending contracts and creating new ones, Ancestor healing –  healing past rifts – moving forwards. The use of crystals.
These create the levels  and codes for evolving to higher levels of conscious awareness and living.
5 bands of protective energy, transforming negative energy to positive.
Healing past wounds and activating the healing energy in your hands.
The cleansing and activating of the chakras (energy centres) creating an awareness of the seven archetypes or organizing principles that balance and illuminate the energy field.
The awakening or enhancing of inner vision or perception of higher levels..
Healing the inner feminine and connecting with  medicine women who keep the fires and guard the ancient temple sites through the ages. Midwives to the new born and the dying. They bring healing and harmony to the earth and humanity.
Healing the inner masculine and connecting us to the ancient medicine men and women protecting the sacred teachings. Step outside time and taste  infinity.
Connects us to  a lineage of Archangels guarding the galaxy.
Connects you safely to the time of great change after  2012.
Awakens the creator light within you and acquire stewardship of all creation.
A deposit of £55 on booking, and £55 per day.
Cost: £35 per hour.
 Collecting names now for the first days workshop starting early in 2012. 
We  will cover the first day of the North direction and the first attunement of Munay Ki.
The venue will be in Worthing West Sussex
Please contact Jacquie if you wish to discuss it further.

Jacquie Wilton:
Principal Of Initiation School Of Healing Shamanic Teacher and Healer

The Great Principles

Non violence






The Medicine Wheel:

Shamanic Healing:

Munay Ki -The Rites or Attunements of the Shaman

Bands of power:

The Healers Rite:

The Harmony Rite:

The Seer Rite:

The Day Keeper Rite:

The wisdom Keeper Rite:

The Earth Keeper Rite:

The Star Keeper Rite:

The Creator Rite:

This course is held in Worthing, West Sussex or Hove East Sussex and is run over ten days spread throughout the year.

The Cost:

Healing Session:

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