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Crystals have fascinated people since  humanity began.. There is something about the light shining through the facets that mesmerises us. Some people call them frozen light.

It is a delight to learn how to use and work with crystals. Also to have them around your home.

This workshop gives you a basic understanding of what they are, how they are formed, the 7 crystal systems,and habits. the different levels of hardness, the quartz family and the energy within.

How to choose a crystal. cleansing, dedicating and programming crystals for use. We move on to the crystals and the chakras. How to prepare for  and give self  healing and how to prepare your patient and give give crystal healing. How to protect. How to open and close. 
10.00am to 4.00pm.
The cost is: £55 and includes notes and certificate of attendance.
Progressive workshops of Crystal Healing will be offered in the near future..
There are a variety  workshops  that will be offered. Keep watching for  announcements.
Cost: £35 per hour.
If you are interested in Crystal Healing and would like to participate in the next workshop, please contact Jacquie and put your name down.
Research on crystals by Hewlett Packard the
computer company has shown that quartz crystal
has a regular energy pulse which can receive and

This is why they can be used in modern
technology. Likewise when placed on or around the human body they seem to act like tuning forks
bringing balance and harmony

Jacquie Wilton: Principal Of Initiation School Of Healing

Crystal Healing Teacher and Healer


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