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School of Healing

Welcome to Initiation School of Healing


Initiation School of Healing has been established since 1997 and aims at providing a safe haven for learning about healing energy work.

The Principal is Jacquie Wilton who has over 30 years of experience in spiritual metaphysical studies and complementary healing therapies.



Jacquie is a healing practitioner and tutor of Spiritual/Energy healing, Reiki Healing, Crystal healing, Shamanic healing.

An NFSH Healing Trust and ACHO (Affiliated Crystal Healing Organization) member Jacquie is also a qualified teacher running
Courses, Workshops and Support - development - practice groups in Brighton - Hove and Worthing in East andWest Sussex.

Learning about healing energy is for everyone. It is all around us and within us. Every thought, word and deed affects everything
and everyone.

The groups are open to all who wish to know a little about it for their own self development or as part of serious on going training and courses.

NFSH: The Healing Trust & The Healing
Foundation Course

The NFSH has been established since 1955. It provides healer training in the UK and in many other countries to a recognised standard. Jacquie is the Region 1 Training Officer for Surrey, Sussex and Kent.

We are body, mind and spirit. Healing works from the spiritual energy level and is utilised by the recipient at whatever level is appropriate for for them.

Healers draw in the universal energy and channel the energy through their hands into the recipients energy field.

Jacquie is a Healing Practitioner and Licensed Tutor of the NFSH/THT teaching their Healing Foundation Course parts 1 to 4. A course recognised in many countries.

The course is 8 days long and spread throughout the year.


Contact Jacquie for more information.

Landline. 01273 593 294 (No answer phone) 
Mobile. 07754552489 (can phone or text)

Practise/Support Group Hove:

Mondays: 5.30pm to 7.30pm or
cost £6